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How to choose the most effective outdoor cooler

Quality drinking water is no less important than proper nutrition. Know it all and try

find a way out of an unfavorable situation. The best option is to buy drinking

water in large quantities. A device that allows you to use a liquid portion,

is outdoor cooler.

The practicality of a modern coolers

If the development of these devices began with the aim to provide a convenient stand for the overflow of water

large bottles, coolers now improved and offers additional features:

· disinfection fluid;

· heating or cooling;

· filtering the flow of water;

· a mini-fridge.

Of course, all models of the plants vary a lot according to the principle of complexity, which affects their cost, and

also the size of the cooler.

Ways water cooling

If the device is purchased for personal use, most buyers are interested in

the possibility of water cooling. Refrigeration unit, mini-bars, other complex functions

different outdoor cooler preferred for office workers, at home they are not too relevant.

The temperature of the liquid in the contemporary fixtures can be lowered electronically or

compressor. The size of the cooler with electronic cooling is small and its performance

guarantees the presence of about 1 liter of fluid for hours. Such samples are ideal for

home use, as due to low consumption of electricity is quite economical.

Compressor outdoor cooler is sold mostly in places where every day is a great

the number of people. The amount of fluid to be cooled per hour over 2 liters, but the product

absorbs quite a lot of electricity, and has bulky dimensions, and its delivery due to high

weight is fraught with some difficulties. Just why such units are purchased mainly

for industrial zones, offices.

Depending on the model, the fixture can be placed not only on the floor, but the table that often

affects the size of the cooler. In any case, the aisle must be free to ensure

a simple and practical use. May vary and the method of loading bottles of water.

In some cases they are placed on top that requires a certain physical strength. At home, where

most cases replacement will be done by the woman, it is better to choose the market with a more simple bottom